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AllWebMed Bring Your Practice to Life on the Web

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do we start working together?

Just complete our easy contact form to request a free estimate for developing your website or for any of our high-quality web services. AllWebMed will promptly contact you to discuss the project, then offer a free, competitively-priced quote that carries absolutely no obligations or hidden costs. Once our bid is accepted, just provide us with your logo, brochures or any other materials we can use to begin the graphic design process. See our section Getting Started for more information.

2. How will we determine the look and feel of our website?

After we receive your marketing materials and have listened to your ideas and needs, your site moves quickly from conceptualization to reality during the graphic design process. The experts at AllWebMed will make sure you are completely satisfied with the look, feel, layout and style of your website. We understand the necessity of a web presence that projects a clear identity for your organization through consistent use of your branding elements (logo, colors, etc.) and integration with your overall marketing and communications efforts.

3. How long will it take to build our website?

Our turnaround times are among the best in the industry, and we can have most sites up and running in 2 to 3 weeks. Circumstances that affect the size or complexity of the project, such as database programming or a large amount of content to get online, may require more time. All of our free quotes carry an approximate project completion date, so you will have a good idea of when your site will be live on the web.

4. How much will our website cost?

We listen carefully to the specific needs of our clients and prepare a free estimate based on the project's size and complexity. AllWebMed can usually get a basic website (5-10 pages) up and running for about $2,500, which includes design, graphics, copywriting or editing, programming, search engine optimization (SEO), domain registration (, a free month of hosting and free maintenance of existing webpages. We also offer very affordable hourly rates for our web services.

5. How will we keep our site fresh and up-to-date?

At AllWebMed, we stand by our work by offering free maintenance of your existing website pages. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction means quick updates when critical information on your site needs to be changed right away.

6. Will we be able to expand our web presence in the future?

Our goal at AllWebMed is to be a trusted partner with each of our clients by providing expert service and personal attention to all of your Internet needs. We can add more pages to your site, introduce new website features or expand your web presence with additional domains. We can provide a free estimate for any web project and have very reasonable hourly rates for miscellaneous work.

7. How will we get a domain name and web server space?

AllWebMed does it all for you with affordable hosting packages that include domain name registration ( and plenty of space on our high-speed web servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus, you get all the extras and support you need to succeed online, including complete site statistics, 24/7 technical support and unlimited email accounts.

8. How will the search engines find our site?

All of our websites are designed for search engine accessibility and engineered using the best search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is a complex process that involves keyword strategy, meta tag optimization, consistent webpage structure, standards-compliant coding practices and more. AllWebMed builds SEO into your site from the beginning and automatically submits your website to the major Internet search engines when it is launched.

While we can build your site for top performance with search engines, there can be no guarantees for search engine rankings. We do offer services where we can design and manage a cost-effective pay-per-click campaign and have your ad appear as a sponsored link on top web portals.

9. How can we track user visits, hits and other data?

Our website hosting includes a comprehensive statistical package that gives you a wealth of real-time information about your visitors. Keep up with how many visitors are finding your website, when they are visiting, which pages are getting the most hits and much more. You can view your instantly-updated website stats from an easy-to-use control panel or let us provide you with complete reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

10. Will we have email accounts branded with our website address?

Our website hosting includes an unlimited number of email accounts branded with your site's URL (for example, You can easily set up and manage accounts using our website control panel or let the AllWebMed administer all of your site's email functions, which include forwarding, autoresponders, email lists and spam protection. Users can send and receive email using a mail client such as Outlook or by simply going to "".

11. Can we sell things on our website?

AllWebMed can develop your site to include state-of-the-art shopping cart technology for an online store or to take orders from your website. We can also help you design strategies for presenting your products online and marketing your e-commerce site. Our Advanced Hosting Package comes ready with the latest shopping cart software (so you don't have to purchase an expensive third-party software package), more webspace and more bandwidth to meet all of your e-commerce needs.

12. Can AllWebMed help with a non-medical site?

We do accept projects from non-medical- or health-related concerns on a project-by-project basis if we feel we can maintain our goal of 100% customer satisfaction for all of our clients. Please contact us to discuss your project and how you may benefit by making AllWebMed a trusted partner for high-quality web services.